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The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs  

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The Vice Deanship

Mr. Sultn bin Saad Al-Harbi

College's Vice Dean

About the Vice:

The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs specializes in supervising the educational process at the college, implementing policies and approved programs related to educational and academic affairs, and their supporting services. It works on implementing systems, regulations, rules, and instructions related to the academic field at the college. The Vice aims to build students' knowledge and skills by developing academic programs and enhancing the inputs and outputs of the educational process.

 Vice's Vision

A leading academic learning environment to build a knowledge community, aligned with the college's vision and mission.

 Vice's Mission

Delivering distinguished academic programs that align with development plans, meet the needs of the job market, within a stimulating educational environment and effective community partnerships.

 Vice's Objectives

The objectives of Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs:

  • Delivering outstanding academic programs in accordance with quality assurance standards.
  • Creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment for creativity and excellence.
  • Enhancing the performance efficiency of supporting units affiliated with the agency.
  • Supporting the construction of academic communication bridges within and outside the college.
  • Achieving cohesion and integration between academic programs and the job market, in line with the college's plan.

Vice-Rectorate's Units  

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