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The Investment Management  

About the Management:

Investment has become a fundamental and essential goal for any organization working towards achieving the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. Investment holds great importance in diversifying income sources and efficiently developing facilities and structures because it contributes to increasing revenues, strengthening self-resources, and providing many requirements related to operating and enhancing the college. Undoubtedly, taking care of investment development has direct economic effects. To culminate these efforts, the Investment Management was established by a decision from the Dean of the College to be competent and capable of managing investments to contribute to revenue growth through the development and investment of college-affiliated sites. The management will also explore and discuss innovative investment opportunities, attract promising investment opportunities, and work in harmony with all investment arms in the college to operate together in a coherent framework. This will be done within the scope of a comprehensive strategic plan that considers the college's plan priorities, leveraging time and place advantages. The investment management should have a clear vision, mission, and strategic goals.

  Management's Vision

Towards an Investment Partnership to Support the College's Vision as a Globally Distinguished Institution with Sustainable Social Responsibility.

 Management's Mission

Study, Development, and Enhancement of Investments and Facilities to Contribute to Increasing the College's Revenues.

 Management's Objectives

The objectives of The Investment Management:

  • Develop a strategic vision to establish and enhance policies and methods for investing in the college's assets. This should be within a comprehensive system that integrates with other investment arms, such as community service, and entities derived from it. Additionally, implement programs to monitor, measure, document, and enhance the efficiency of investment activities throughout the college system.
  • Activate mechanisms that ensure continuous diagnosis and ongoing analysis of the global and local investment landscape. Identify investment opportunities that require attention within the college and consider economic and scientific factors. This should contribute to driving the investment wheel associated with the college system.
  • Define the legal framework for investment management based on relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Prepare a database of all investment opportunities and designated locations within the college.
  • Provide an attractive investment environment and work to overcome any obstacles that may hinder investment projects.
  • Work on unifying and simplifying procedures for project applications with relevant administrations.
  • Provide complete support for investors, receive and study investment requests, and settle conflicts that may arise between the investor and other entities within or outside the college regarding the registration, licensing, and operation of the investment project.
  • Prepare reports, studies, and publish investment data periodically. Identify strengths and weaknesses and provide appropriate recommendations to address any shortcomings.
  • Formulate the investment policy in coordination with other departments within the college and relevant authorities.

 Management's Member

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The Supervisor

Mr. Talal Al-Dhafiri

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The Member

Ms. Fatima Jaza Al-Anzi

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The Member

Ms. Amal Al-Anzi

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The Member

Ms. Amal Faraj Al-Mutairi