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Message From the Dean

Dr. Mohammed bin Dhafir Al-Dosari

The Gulf College in Hafar Al-Batin has been keen, since its inception in the realm of private higher education, to be distinguished qualitatively and a reference point in all the programs, activities, and events it offers. This starts with the academic aspect, which is the most important, as the student is the focal point of the educational process and its cornerstone. The college emphasizes the quality of education by adhering to the standards approved by governing bodies and organizations. Competent and qualified faculty members have been selected, possessing appropriate expertise and skills, necessary academic experiences, and a thorough understanding of university education, teaching methods, and strategies. They are also committed to high-level scientific research that will positively impact students and the college as a whole.

The college has focused on unique quality through high buildings and advanced facilities, whether traditional or smart requirements, reflecting directly on students. The college provides students with all the necessary facilities for the educational process, including laboratories and integrated modern equipment that enrich and facilitate the academic process through e-learning and other supporting methods. The college has also emphasized providing entertainment for its students by offering mini recreational games to alleviate the fatigue and monotony of the long educational day. Additionally, the college has contracted with the almuhafaza sports club in the province for students to engage in a wide range of sports activities extensively.

Since its establishment, the college has focused on serving the community as one of its most important goals, aligned with the objectives of colleges and universities. This involves providing programs that cater to the needs of the community in Hafar Al-Batin. The college views its social responsibility as an intrinsic right to the community to which it belongs.

Gulf College awards a Bachelor's degree in four majors: Business Administration, Law, English Language, and Information Technology. These majors encompass ten scientific tracks, carefully chosen based on the community's preferences and the needs of the job market in Hafar Al-Batin, the Kingdom, and the Gulf region at large. This is due to the strategic geographical location of the province in the Gulf.

All of this aims to provide an educational outcome capable of competition and leadership, fulfilling the aspirations of students, and achieving the college's high-level goals inspired by its vision and noble mission, in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Education for Higher Education Affairs. The college aspires to be part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 , and to play a role in achieving sustainable development comprehensively in the Kingdom, by the will of Allah.

The Dean:   Dr. Mohammed bin Dhafir Al-Dosari