The Gulf Colleges e-portal is a means of electronic dissemination for all employees and sectors of the colleges, and it must be used for the benefit of the colleges, their employees and their various sectors, and in a way that does not in any way prejudice the reputation of the colleges and their employees or expose them to legal accountability. So be sure to follow the publishing policies mentioned in this document.

– Copyright: All content published on the portal pages must comply with copyright, and this includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Research published in scientific conferences and scientific journals.
Books and literature available in electronic formats.
Any electronic material that is not owned by the owner of the page and has copyright.

Inappropriate content: This content includes the following:

What contains offensive, offensive, racist or threatening language, whether text, image or idea.
What is contrary to the regulations of the state and colleges or the norms of society.
It does not compromise the privacy of others in any way.

Observe the rules of the language used to create the page or electronic material, and ensure its integrity and error-free.

– Up-to-date information: You must ensure that the content of the various pages and materials is updated in a manner that ensures their up-to-dateness at the time of the visit. This includes news, contact information, phone numbers, e-mail, description of articles and other information.

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