General goal :
It is concerned with supervising the progress of the educational process in colleges and implementing the approved policies and programs in the fields related to educational and academic affairs, student and alumni affairs, and their support services, in coordination with the dean of colleges.

• Duties related to academic affairs:
1. Supervising the units associated with the Vice-Deanship for Educational and Academic Affairs.
1. Managing the educational process in colleges and working to provide their requirements.
2. Working on implementing the regulations, bylaws, rules and instructions related to the academic field in the faculties.
3. Work to secure the best modern equipment in laboratories, laboratories and classrooms.
4. Preparing studies and reports on the development of academic courses.
5. Organizing the registration, deletion and addition process for the various departments’ courses.
6. Follow up the absorptive capacity of college programs.
7. Preparing publications and introductory guides for college programs and student activities.