It is a unit that aims for efficiency and excellence in the performance of all admission, registration and counseling processes with quality and transparency. It is concerned with serving students during the registration of their courses, solving their related problems, following up on requests for apology, postponement, re-enrollment, change of major, and withdrawal from the course.

Unit vision:
Leadership and efficiency in the general supervision of the admission and registration unit.

Unit message:
Efficiency and excellence in the performance of all admission, registration and extension processes with quality and transparency.

Organizational link:
The organizational unit is closely linked to the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs.

Tasks of the Admission and Registration Unit:
The Admission and Registration Unit mainly follows up students academically from the moment they join colleges until graduation. The unit’s specializations can be summarized in the following points:
• Participation in setting the admission policy and announcing the dates of admission and registration.
• Participation in the preparation of academic rules and regulations, and study instructions.
• Participation in the issuance of the annual academic calendar.
• Accepting new students and organizing the registration, withdrawal and addition process.
• Issuing all documents related to students from their admission until their graduation.
• Follow-up of the academic status of students and the application of the study system.
• Preparing statistics and reports regarding students and their academic status.
• Archiving all documents related to the unit and students.