Gulf Colleges represented by the Community Partnership and Social Responsibility Unit through its strategic plan seeks to develop the capabilities of the community and its institutions with innovative solutions and qualitative awareness programs with a tangible positive impact on all groups of society throughout the province of Hafr al-Batin, through qualified cadres where gulf colleges held a training course entitled “Institutional Excellence of non-profit sector organizations provided by Professor Abdul Majid Al-Anzi. A consultant in the non-profit sector and attended the meeting a mix of government, service and security sectors in the province and addressed the meeting on the role of non-profit organizations in achieving sustainable social development in light of the kingdom’s vision 2030 and considers non-profit organizations a key and active partner together with the state to carry out development duties and achieve sustainability for this purpose the relevant entities of philanthropy are keen to overcome obstacles to these organizations to achieve their goals consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals and also urge institutional excellence These organizations have an introduction to non-profit organizations and the application of the European model of excellence and included talking about NGOs and their effective role while clarifying the vision of the criterion of individual results and the standard of community results.