In applying the provisions of this regulation, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning shown in front of each of them unless the context of the text requires another meaning.
ِA. College Student Advisory Council: It is a student grouping at the college level representing all college students. It is formed from all departments, and is committed to achieving its goals set out in this bylaw. It is also committed to the regulations and provisions in force in colleges, and the term of the council is two academic years.
B. Students: All students enrolled in Gulf colleges.
C. Member: A faculty member and a candidate for membership in student advisory councils.

Active participation of students in supporting the college-level decision-making process.

The message:
The Student Advisory Council at Gulf Colleges seeks to involve outstanding student competencies in the process of decision-making and decision-making, and to assume responsibility and contribute to the development and improvement of the level of institutional performance; In order to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the colleges.

1. Participate in improving and developing the level of institutional performance in faculties and services provided to students.
2. Enhancing the principle of transparency and expressing a balanced opinion and responsibility, while adhering to the etiquette of dialogue among students.
3. To develop students’ awareness of what makes them a conscious and productive citizen who exercises his role consciously, creatively and responsibly.