About the unit:
The Student Activities Unit provides services related to student activities in a way that contributes to creating an attractive university environment and conducive to academic achievement. The Student Activities Unit is the entity that takes care of students outside the classroom, and is also responsible for their activities outside the curricula with the aim of building their behavioral, cognitive and skill personalities. The programs of the Student Activities Unit are among the most important channels that provide students with the opportunity to communicate, interact, and interact with their colleagues in and outside faculties.

Leadership and excellence in providing classroom and extra-curricular student activities.

The message: 
Excellence in providing student activities that contribute to creating an integrated educational environment for educational attainment, skills development, learning methods and teamwork.


Objectives of the Student Activities Unit:
1. Investing in student programs and activities to form an effective and balanced personality.
2. Contribute to the preparation of an educational educational environment that contributes to the formation of a balanced personality for students that preserves their identity, belonging and national constants, and adheres to the teachings of the Islamic religion.
3. Contribute to refining students’ talents and developing their capabilities for distinguished educational attainment and effective training.
4. Encouraging students to work collectively and participate in planning and implementing various student activities.
5. Participation in the care of outstanding and outstanding students and those with special needs and community service.
6. Achieving quality in all activities, services and student care.