The scientific research platform at Gulf Colleges provides a similarity measurement and quotation service in research designed for publication using several international platforms in this field.

This service shows the ratio of quotations compared to a large number of other scientific research found in several global databases and also measures the similarity in sentences compared to websites.

After you submit to the service, we will determine the extent to which the research submitted violates the ethics of scientific research in the event of an increase in the percentage of similarity, quotation or martyrdom for the supposed, which is not supposed to exceed 25%.

Conditions for applying for this service:
The service is provided only to faculty members of Gulf colleges or those in their judgment.
The search should be fully attached to Microsoft Word and do not accept the PDF format
The research is required to be complete and completed and the research considered under review cannot be accepted.
All names of search participants must be added when sending the request.
The service is only available twice for the same published search.
To request the service, please fill out the appropriate form and send it to the graduate and scientific research agencys email vgsr@gulf. edu. sa.