Under the patronage of His Excellency the Dean of Faculties, Dr. Muhammad bin Dhafer Al-Dosari, the Community Partnership and Social Responsibility Unit organized a seminar entitled “The Importance of Voluntary Work in the Environmental Field” coinciding with the Environment Week, in the presence of Mr. Abdullah Muhammad Basis – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Protection Society in Hafr Al-Batin, where the session opened with a speech His Excellency the Dean of the faculties, in which he explained the role of faculties in the field of developing environmental awareness by providing students with sound habits, attitudes and values ​​that achieve environmental protection and preservation and raising awareness of the measures taken to protect and preserve the environment and confront its problems. their environmental studies, and teach them how to make appropriate decisions about it.
For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Protection Association, where he thanked the Dean of Colleges for his hosting and praised the role of colleges in providing initiatives and meetings in the field of environmental, and also spoke about the importance of volunteering in the field of environmental in light of the enlightened kingdom ambitious 2030 and how to promote the culture of environmental volunteering among students and identify obstacles that limit students’ education to environmental volunteering, by establishing that culture, and also touched on the importance of reducing environmental pollution and preserving the culture of environmental volunteering. Air and water quality, the maintenance of air and water quality and their protection from various sources of emissions are one of the main cosmic issues and a concern for people who have become experiencing problems of population congestion and urban and industrial advances at the expense of resources and environmental communities, as well as the effects of environmental pollution, which pose a serious threat to human health.