General goal:                                                                                                                                                                  Supervising quality processes and skills development, achieving accreditation standards and academic evaluation in the educational process in academic departments, controlling the quality of administrative work within colleges, and working to develop and improve performance in all aspects and spread its culture.

Job duties and responsibilities

1. Supervising the preparation, planning and follow-up of the implementation of the quality plan to obtain academic accreditation through evaluation and performance improvement programs in colleges.
2. Develop appropriate interim plans for the periodic review of approved quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of academic departments and administrative units in colleges.
3. Preparing and implementing the development and strategic plans for the faculties, while studying the difficulties facing the development process.
4. Preparing the annual report of the Gulf colleges and distributing it to the competent authorities after it is approved by the vice-dean of the colleges.                                                                                                                                       5. Executing, following up and developing the teaching performance of a faculty member, and assisting him to achieve professional and scientific excellence.
6. Identifying any difficulties or problems facing development and quality programs, and proposing solutions to them.
7. Participation in supervision, follow-up and consultations regarding administrative development in faculties.
8. Dedicating the concept of quality and spreading its culture at the college level by presenting lectures, meetings and introductory and technical workshops for the departments in the developments of academic accreditation and its applications, or in quality practices in order to raise the level of performance to support the scientific aspect provided by program professors and employ it to serve operations and outputs.
9. Provide the necessary facilities to all work teams based on the application of quality.
10. Carry out any work assigned to him in his field of specialization.