• Looking forward to a distinguished pioneering role in using the technical, material and human capabilities to deepen the cultural awareness of the college community, both internally and externally.
• Excellence and creativity in the media.
• Leading the communication process in Gulf colleges towards excellence and innovation.

The message:
The Department of Public Relations and Media works to organize and coordinate human efforts in colleges between units and committees, each according to its duties, and to strengthen the lines of communication between colleges and their internal and external community.
Openness and honesty – Strengthening trust in the news published on various media sites – Putting the public interest ahead of personal interest – Presenting works that are respected and trusted.

The Public Relations and Media Office of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, as a strategic media communication window, seeks to:
• To be a reliable source and first reference for news and information related to colleges and their leadership.
• Highlighting the image of the colleges, their leadership and services through innovative and creative ideas.
• Playing a pivotal role in media coordination between various parties
Providing strategic media support to various parties
• Activating the partnership with the media community to highlight the colleges’ vision and strategy.

1. Emphasis on the goals, mission and vision of the university and work to disseminate them through the various activities of the administration.
2. Strengthening the relationship and enhancing the university’s role in community service.
3. Clarify the functions of the administration and the importance of the role of the services it provides.
4. Providing programs that contribute to raising the spirit of positive cooperation and taking responsibility for performing tasks for university employees.
5. The application of quality systems and standards in the various activities of the department.
6. Activating the role of partnership and attracting various community institutions.