Community Partnership Unit:
The Community Partnership Unit was established by a decision issued by His Excellency the Dean of Faculties, explaining the tasks and competencies, aiming to establish positive and effective relationships with all beneficiaries of community services, including students, faculty members, administrative staff, and the local community by building an interactive relationship that provides opportunities for participation and integration with everyone.

Brief about the unit:
Societies and countries attach great importance to community partnership; Because of its impact in supporting the efforts of the state and bearing social responsibility towards the needs and requirements of society.
Community partnership in the field of education in all, and university education in particular, is an important axis of community partnership, and one of the most prominent manifestations of community awareness and civility. And part of this awareness, taking the initiative by community institutions and individuals towards contributing to meeting the needs of society.
From this standpoint, the Gulf Private Colleges in Hafr Al-Batin came to be open to the surrounding environment, to form relationships and partnerships in accordance with the principle of mutual interests, and to provide services that meet the needs of the governorate’s community. This desire comes within the strategic directions adopted by the colleges.

Providing distinguished community service and partnership to enrich the lives of individuals, the community, and the surrounding community.

Providing development and upgrading at the highest levels by providing professional consulting and services of high standards and quality.

• Promoting an interactive and reciprocal culture of the concept of community service and community partnership between faculty members, members of the community and its institutions.
• Creating communication channels whose mission is to interact with the sectors of society and provide services to ensure full benefit in the development of society and the establishment of fruitful partnerships.
• Preparing a detailed database on community services and governmental and private facilities in the region, and identifying their needs and requirements.                                                                                                                                         • Activating obtaining grants and grants, creating entities, financing and joint research with external business entities, and providing an appropriate environment for them to cooperate and participate in developing university education and improving its patterns.
• Directing research carried out by faculty members or students towards community problems and issues, and providing remedial proposals and solutions.
• Giving the local community the opportunity to benefit from the capabilities of the colleges and their cadres, through their pioneering role as the major educational institution in the region that can lead thought, research, development and community work.                                                                                                                                                     • Translating the needs into scientific and educational activities in the environment surrounding the faculties.
• Training graduates to identify and deal with societal problems and ways to solve them through campaigns and field visits.
• Evaluating the extent to which faculty members participate in community services.