General goal :

Supervising legal affairs and grievances in colleges.

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. Answer the legal inquiries received from the dean of the faculties as well as those received from the various departments and departments.
2. Studying and preparing the consultations received from the dean of the faculties.
3. Review the regulations, agreements and contracts that are received by the legal unit in terms of its procedures and formulation.
4. Participation in the investigation committees and the disciplinary procedures that are conducted with the employees and students of the faculties, according to the specialization.
5. Working on preparing an electronic and paper database that includes a legal set of colleges’ systems and regulations, as well as ensuring continuous communication with the higher legislature bodies such as the Board of Trustees and the rulings of the administrative courts issued for or against the colleges.                                                      6. Follow up the work of the contracting parties with the colleges in accordance with the contracts concluded with the colleges, such as security guards, operation and maintenance contractors, and the like.
7. Doing any work assigned to him in his field of specialization