General goal :                                                                                                                                                                                      Financial control.

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. Evaluating the colleges’ internal control systems, to verify their safety and suitability, identifying deficiencies, if any, and suggesting the necessary means and procedures to treat them, in a manner that ensures the protection of the entity’s funds and properties from embezzlement, loss or manipulation, and so on.
2. Ensuring the colleges’ compliance with the rules, regulations, instructions, and financial and administrative procedures, and verifying their adequacy and suitability.
3. Evaluate the adequacy of the entity’s organizational plan in terms of clarity of authorities and responsibilities, separation of conflicting competencies and other organizational aspects.
4. Evaluating the colleges’ level of achievement of their set goals, and discussing and analyzing the reasons for the difference.                                                                                                                                                                                                5. Identifying areas of misuse by the entity of its material and human resources, and providing what can be addressed and avoided in the future.
6. Examine the entity’s expenditure and revenue documents after completing them, to ensure that they are correct and regular.
7. Examine the accounting records, to ensure the regularity and validity of the entries and the integrity of the accounting guidance.
8. Review the contracts and agreements concluded to which the entity is a party, to ascertain the extent of compliance with them.
9. Reviewing the works of the funds, examining their books, records and documents, and verifying that the inventory was carried out in accordance with the established and regular rules and procedures in force in the private sector.