Conference title:
Scientific research between the challenges of reality and foreseeing the future.
Conference Objectives:

The conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1.  Presentation and discussion of the results of the latest academic and applied studies related to the conference themes.
  2. Exchange of research experiences in the humanitarian and applied fields.
  3. Develop proposals and recommendations for the role of educational institutions to advance the scientific research system.
  4.  Presenting experiences and recent trends in scientific research in different disciplines.
  5. Seeking to plan the role of educational institutions to meet the challenges of scientific research.
Presentation at the conference:
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Conference axes:
The first axis / ethical standards and the quality of research performance:
  • The role of universities in developing the skills of preparing international scientific research.
  • Qualifying researchers with technical innovations to anticipate future challenges.
  • Training programs in universities and their role in raising the efficiency of preparing international scientific research.
The second axis / recent trends in the field of legal research:
  •  Transcontinental crimes.
  • Management authorities in the field of administrative contracts.
  • Dispute resolution methods.

The third axis / recent trends in computing, cyber security, informatics and communications:

  • Cybersecurity and data protection.
  • Artificial intelligence applications.
  • Modern technical communications.
Fourth Axis / Recent trends in administrative, financial and health management sciences:
  • Electronic applications in the field of health management.
Fifth Axis / Modern trends in the humanities.