Postgraduate programs:
Master’s Program in Public Law
Master’s Program in Private Law

Formation of Postgraduate Units:
The Vice Deanship for Graduate Studies consists of the following academic units:
1- Graduate Studies Unit
2- Scientific Research Unit

Postgraduate Unit Tasks:
1- Providing assistance to postgraduate students and making a treatment for all the obstacles they encounter.
2- Preparing a quarterly and annual report on the unit’s work and submitting it to the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies at the college.
3- Preparing a file for each male and female graduate student.
4- Implementing the colleges policy related to postgraduate studies.
5- Developing and reviewing admission requirements for postgraduate studies.
6- Managing the operations of postgraduate studies in colleges, their exams, and their committees.                               7- Coordination with scientific departments in all relevant fields.
8- Preparing the induction program for postgraduate students, and following up on its implementation.
9- Receiving the files of male and female students applying for admission to postgraduate studies, and distributing them to the various departments in the faculties.
10- Receiving the decisions of the scientific departments regarding postgraduate students and sending them to the Vice Deanship for Graduate Studies after being approved by the department and college councils.                                11- Executing requests to postpone and apologize for not studying, as well as addition and deletion operations, and lists of deprivation in accordance with the regulations and decisions issued in this regard.
12- Looking into the subjects referred to the postgraduate studies specialization.
13- Updating the college website regarding this unit.
14- Executing the work assigned by the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.