General goal :
Guidance on transactions that do not need to be presented to the dean of faculties and directing their referral to the concerned authorities.

Job duties and responsibilities                                                                                                                                           1. General supervision of the work of the office.
2. Follow up on receiving and organizing all incoming transactions for the office and directing them to the dean of the faculties.
3. Sorting the transactions and reviewing them after they are left by the dean of the faculties and making sure that the dean of the faculties is informed of them and the direction and follow-up until they are referred to the concerned authority.
4. Receiving visitors, setting appointments, and presenting visitors to the Dean or directing them according to instructions.
5. Answering telephone calls received by the Dean or from the office.
6. Carrying out administrative communications from outgoing and general incoming to all faculties.
7. Dealing with mail according to the directions issued by the Dean of the faculties.
8. Receiving the auditors of the Dean’s office, directing them, and receiving their letters and transactions.                   9. Supervising the regular incoming and outgoing transactions of the Dean’s office and directing them to the concerned offices and departments, whether internal or external.
10. Implementation of administrative decisions and assignments issued by the Dean’s office.
11. Drafting letters and decisions of the Dean’s office.
12- Doing any work assigned to him in his field of specialization