General goal :
Overseeing administrative and financial affairs, human resources, marketing and business development, public services, crises and risks, and information technology.

Duties of the Colleges Administration Manager:
1. Supervising and following up the implementation of the administrative work of the units affiliated to the Department.
2. Supervising the improvement and development of workflow in the administration.
3. Supervision of information technology
4. Supervising the work related to the contractors’ requests regarding passports (residence, visas and travel tickets).
5. Follow up the recruitment process for new faculty members (preparing the employment contract)
6. Supervising the preparation of annual and periodic reports for the work of the departments and units affiliated to it, and submitting them to the dean of the faculties.
7. Respond to all transactions received by him from all departments in the faculties.
8. Recommending the assignment of a person whose work interest requires him to work outside the official working hours in accordance with the statutory principles.
9. Approve correspondences related to government agencies to complete employee procedures.                                   10. Supervising the implementation of plans for financial affairs, contracts and obligations of a financial form.
11. Supervising the college’s marketing and business development plan.
12. Supervising the preparation of financial plans to achieve the main objectives of the colleges.
13. Supervising the preparation of the required quarterly and annual financial reports.
14. Supervising the preparation of plans for crises and potential disasters in the short, medium and long term.