About the unit:
The Alumni Relations and Employment Unit at Gulf Colleges is concerned with enhancing the competitive capabilities of college graduates and preparing them for the practical requirements in the labor market. It is also keen to promote sustainable communication between the graduate and the colleges.

Graduate qualified to compete in the labor market and a sustainable interactive relationship with colleges.

The message: 
Contribute to the preparation of college graduates, enhance their competitive capabilities in the labor market, qualify them professionally and professionally, and enhance sustainable constructive association with colleges.

Alumni Relations and Employment Objectives:

Enhancing students’ leadership and leadership capabilities and preparing them for the labor market.               Building continuous relationships between the Student Affairs Agency and Alumni Affairs.
Develop students’ skills necessary to compete in the labor market.
Creating a sustainable and constructive relationship between graduates and colleges.
Assisting the graduate in completing graduation procedures and holding graduation ceremonies.
Assisting graduates in finding vocational training and career opportunities
Establishing partnerships with the labor market.
Providing assistance and assistance in the graduate’s completion of his postgraduate studies.
Providing a database, statistics and questionnaires for graduates and employers.