The Vice Deanship for Graduate Studies at Gulf Colleges was established based on the decision of His Excellency the Dean of Colleges, Dr. Muhammad bin Dhafer Al-Dosari
This is after the expansion of college programs needed by the society of the Kingdom in general and the society of the region in particular, postgraduate programs have been developed in the colleges, and all of this comes in accordance with the rules established in the general regulations for postgraduate studies in Saudi universities.
In order to document the work procedures of the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, the importance of creating this guide came to reflect the vision, mission, objectives and procedural sequence, in addition to identifying the party responsible for each procedure.

Excellence and leadership in postgraduate programs to reach the world.

The message:
Upgrading postgraduate programs to reflect global trends and developments in scientific research, developing the local community, and creating specialized programs.

Objectives and tasks:
• Preparing plans and programs for postgraduate studies in Gulf colleges that keep pace with contemporary scientific and technical developments and develop them on a permanent and continuous basis.
• Inculcating moral values ​​and principles of scientific honesty in the preparation of research and university theses among graduate students.
Providing graduate students with the skills of writing and preparing theses, by following solid scientific research methods.                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Building an effective partnership with academic institutions that offer postgraduate programs, which prevents duplication or repetition of research and university theses, and promotes them for the better.
• Graduating human cadres with leadership and research skills that keep pace with modern scientific and technical developments.
• Working to link graduate studies programs with comprehensive sustainable development plans