• Admission fees:

The applicant is obliged to pay the admission fee of SR 500 to complete the admission procedures, paid once and considered non-refundable. The amount is not accepted in cash and is required to be deposited into the Gulf Community Colleges bank account.

    • Annual, quarterly and tuition fees:

The student is obliged to pay the tuition fees due according to his specialty as scheduled below:

البرنامجرسوم الساعة الدراسية الرسمية بالريالرسوم الساعة الدراسية الفعلية بالريالرسوم الساعة الدراسية بعد خصم المنحة الجزئية 50% رسوم الساعة الدراسية بالفصل الصيفي
بكالوريوس إدارة الأعمال15409007701540
بكالوريوس القانون176010008801760
بكالوريوس علوم الحاسب والمعلومات176010008801760
بكالوريوس اللغة الانجليزية15409007701540

These fees are due before the start of the semester so that the student can register courses according to his or her study plan. The division is required to open at least five students. Vat is added to tuition fees for non-Saudi students.

Ways to pay tuition fees:

    • Payment system.
    • Certified cheques issued on behalf of Gulf civil colleges.
    • Credit cards.
    • Electronic payment.
    • Bank transfers directly to gulf national colleges.
        • The name of the Bank / Arab National Bank.
        • The name of the bank account holder: Gulf Colleges.
        • account number: 0108095260020012
        • IBAN Number: SA0630400108095260020012

    • When apologizing for studying before the start of the semester, the student is entitled to a full refund of the tuition fees.
    • In the event of withdrawal or postponement after the start of the semester, the recovery is as follows:
الفترةيتم حسم للكليات بنسبة يتم ترحيل الرسوم للفصل الذي يليه بنسبة
خلال الأسبوع الأول 25% من الرسوم75%
خلال الأسبوع الثاني50% من الرسوم50%
من الأسبوع الثالث إلى نهاية الفصل100% من الرسوم-
    • This applies to grant students: students are responsible for paying all the above-mentioned fines, not donors, and in the event of a non-obligation to pay, the full tuition fees are required.
    • All the periods referred to above are determined by the academic calendar issued by the colleges and derived from the general calendar of the Ministry of Education.

Tuition refund policy:

Some students may still have more money than their tuition fees, as a result of the student receiving a scholarship after paying the fees due to him, or he has made payments in excess of the fees and refunds to the person who paid the student.

Payments to students are discontinued at registration periods until the end of the deletion and addition period, and the student must fill out the form for recovering the credit amounts, completing the documents and submitting them to the College Finance Department.

The amounts are provided by bank transfers to the bank account specified in the form or with an edited cheque.

General provisions for tuition fees and scholarships:

    • If two or more brothers are admitted to college, their tuition fees will be reduced by 10%, after writing a request supported by the required documents.
    • A student whose father or guardian dies while studying in college may reduce his tuition fees by 25% in the semester in which his guardian died after bringing documents proving it.
    • The student is not entitled to combine two or more deductions, in which case he or she is entitled to the higher deduction.
    • The donor can cancel the student grant under the guidance of the colleges through the recommendation of the tuition and scholarship committee in the following cases:
    • Low academic level of the student.
    • If there is a negative change in the students biography and behavior.
    • When withdrawing from colleges.
    • Gulf colleges reserve the right to withhold part or full services they provide to students who have not paid the full tuition fees or have not complied with the financial payment plan for each university semester.
    • All aforementioned rebates are subject to general terms and conditions in accordance with the college system and regulations.

In order to obtain any university services, students are required to pay for the university service fee for each year before obtaining the required service, which is:

الخدمة الجامعيةرسوم الحصول على الخدمة
التدريب خارج الكليات(يحق للطالب استرجاعها في حالة عدم مطالبة الجهة الخارجية للرسوم)6000 ريال
خدمات أكاديمية(معادلة ساعات في مؤسسة تعليم عالي أخرى معتمدة).300 ريال
اختبار تحديد مستوى اللغة الانجليزية.200 ريال
اصدار نسخة رسمية اضافية من السجل الاكاديمي.10 ريال
طلب تظلم على نتيجة امتحان نهائي (تعاد له إذا ثبت احقية الطالب في التظلم)500 ريال
اصدار بطاقة الطالب الجامعية بدل فاقد. 100 ريال

The dates announced in the academic calendar or any formal amendments issued by the Admissions and Registration Unit are based on the calculation of the tuition fees mentioned.