The procedures for admission of students of gulf colleges of administrative and human sciences are done electronically, through the student information system SIS colleges, the student information system aims to facilitate the administrative procedures associated with it, guarantees equal admission opportunities for all applicants, and helps the student to identify appropriate alternatives between the programs and disciplines available, thus saving the effort and time on the student without having to attend the headquarters of colleges until the certificates are matched.


Initial submission electronically in accordance with the following procedures:

On time to open the admissions portal, the student must see the students academic guide on the colleges website before entering the student information system at the following link.

Fill in the application data with complete accuracy as any error in the entry of the data cancels the acceptance, with the need to ensure the validity of the mobile number entered and the e-mail registered at the portal where the verification numbers are sent through them.

The need to register as many desires as possible in college specialties as increasing the number of wishes gives the student a greater chance of accepting the available disciplines according to the student trade-off.

After closing the admissions portal electronically for all disciplines:

Applicants for departments requiring an interview must access the student information system on time to see the appointment and location of the interview or test a language level.

The student can see the result of the interview through the system using the email registered with him.

Initial acceptance:

The student is notified of his acceptance in principle through a mobile message and an email through the student information system of the colleges to move on to the next step.

The student visits the admissions and registration unit to bring all the required official papers and proofs in preparation for final admission.

Confirmation of acceptance:

To complete the admission procedures, the required tuition fees are paid.

The student enters his student information system account using (username and password) sent to him via the registered email to start the process of registering courses for the next semester.

Send university numbers to accepted students:

University numbers are sent to accepted students via mobile message and e-mail message registered with their data, and then the university card is extracted.