The admission procedures for students of the Gulf Colleges of Administrative and Human Sciences are carried out electronically, through the student information system SIS colleges, the student information system aims to facilitate the administrative procedures associated with it, and guarantees equal admission opportunities for all applicants.

New high school students can be admitted, or their equivalent, under the following conditions:

  • To have a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  • Obtaining the rate and grade specified by the College Board of Both High School and the General Capacity and Achievement Tests prepared by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation.
  • Achieving the minimum English skills needed for specialization.
  • To be good-mannered and well-behaved.
  • Not to be dismissed from a disciplinary class from a university or other colleges.
  • To successfully pass any test or interview seen by the College Board.
  • To be medically fit by each discipline by submitting the medical examination form to the college-accredited hospital after passing admission.
  • Payment of tuition fees for the semester according to the fees due to each specialty and are not refunded in the event of withdrawal from the colleges tuition fees.
  • To meet any other conditions set by the College Board and announce the time of submission.