It is a unit that specializes in following up everything related to the student in the academic field, and striving to find all the supporting means and tools (and solutions and solutions) to raise his achievement efficiency and make the most of his abilities.

Unit vision:
Excellence in performing the work entrusted to the Academic Affairs Unit to ensure the improvement of the quality of the educational process.

Unit message:
Conducting the academic process in accordance with quality standards to help the faculty member perform his work in a distinguished academic environment.

Organizational link:
The unit is organizationally linked to the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs.

Academic Services Unit Tasks:
• Preparing study schedules, setting course dates, classrooms and names of faculty members, and announcing study schedules for students.
• Organizing the process of registration, deletion and addition of the courses of the various departments.
• Meeting with department coordinators to prepare schedules, and follow up work progress.
• Studying different student cases, such as re-enrollment and transfer from one department to another.
• Follow up on students’ academic problems, and try to provide advice, advice and guidance.
• Preparing the final exams schedules.
• Follow up on the final exams, and prepare a report on the results of the final exams and submit them to the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs.
• Preparing studies and reports on the development of academic courses.