It is a unit that aims to develop and create academic plans and programs in faculties and update them periodically so that they are in line with scientific development and the requirements of the labor market. Academic structuring.

Unit vision:
Pioneering academic programs and study plans that keep pace with scientific development and meet the aspirations of the labor market.

Unit message:
Implementation of the necessary specifications and standards in building, creating and developing academic programs and study plans.

Organizational link:
The unit is organizationally linked to the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs.


Tasks of the Academic Programs and Study Plans Unit:

1. Developing the study plans for the programs and updating them periodically so that they are in line with the requirements of the labor market and scientific development, and in accordance with the standards of academic accreditation.
2. Setting the necessary standards and forms to ensure the implementation of the academic programs and the study plan vocabulary and its outputs after approval.
3. Follow up on the development of academic programs (improving – creating – approving – amending – closing – suspending) with preparing a report on the extent of compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Education and the Quality and Skills Development Unit in faculties in this regard.4. Follow up on the development and updating of study plans for academic programs in faculties.
5. Preparing a report on the consistency of the academic programs in the departments with the National Qualifications Framework.
6. Studying the reality of jobs for each program in the faculties through the reports of the Ministry of Civil Service.
7. Communicate with the plans and programs committees in the scientific departments and follow up their work
8. Follow up on peer extrapolation and reference studies for academic programs
9. Follow up on conducting a community survey of the needs of the labor market when developing academic programs