The Gulf Colleges for Administrative Sciences and Humanities offer a Bachelor of Law program for high school graduates to serve the community and meet the needs of the labor market. The Law Department includes one sub-track that is taught by regularity, which is as follows: Law. The duration of study in the program is four years at eight levels with a credit-hour system, and the number of program hours is (140 hours). Brief: The Law Department was established as one of the most important scientific edifices that works to meet the needs of the local community and contribute to the consolidation of national competencies in all human rights, research and justice sectors in the Kingdom, as it has recently witnessed intensive and rapid legislative and judicial developments, represented in the aspect of legislative organization in updating and completing the legislative structure to cover Various financial, economic and social activities, as well as the legal environment legislation and the accompanying restructuring of courts and judicial institutions. With the multiplication and diversity of the Kingdom's legal activity at the national and international levels, the urgent need for legal studies has emerged. Therefore, the Law Department came to contribute to meeting national needs and to keep pace with the latest legislative and judicial developments in the Kingdom. the message: Building and training a distinguished legal cadre capable of undertaking legal work in various fields and sectors and providing research and scientific studies specialized in building and developing the country. Objectives: Qualifying the specialized legal cadres necessary to meet the needs of the labor market. Devoting legal knowledge covering the various pillars of legal science. Preparing a generation of jurists with the skills to practice various legal works to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Qualifying program graduates to enroll in graduate programs in the field of law. Participation in preparing a generation capable of giving in the development process in the Kingdom.