Gulf Colleges of Administrative and Human Sciences is offering a Bachelor of Science program in computer science and information for high school graduates to serve the community and meet the needs of the labor market. The IT department includes four sub-paths taught by regularity, which are as follows:

The duration of the study in the program is four years on eight levels in the approved hours system and the number of hours of the program (140 hours).


Access to excellence in the use of information technology to stimulate local and regional knowledge sharing and production.

The message:

Building outstanding human resources that contribute effectively to the development of it through a rich environment that allows the professional growth of its employees and participates in the development of society.


The department aims to graduate cadres characterized by:

    • They combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, giving them opportunities for professional advancement in information technology and associated areas of work.
    • They have the necessary basis to continue their studies and obtain advanced degrees in information technology and other related areas.
    • They can communicate effectively verbally and in writing, and simply engage in the work environment.
    • They have the knowledge and skills to participate in lifelong learning and adapt to the ever-changing global technological and commercial environment.
    • Scientifically qualified with a high degree of professionalism to enter the life arena as professional citizens in their field, familiar with ethical issues, needs and community problems.