The Gulf Colleges for Administrative Sciences and Humanities offer a Bachelor of Arts program in English for high school graduates to serve the community and meet the needs of the labor market. The English Language Department includes two sub-tracks taught on a regular basis, which are as follows:


The duration of study in the program is four years at eight levels with a credit-hour system, and the number of program hours is (140 hours).


The Department of English, at the Gulf Colleges for Administrative and Human Sciences in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate, aims to provide the labor market with cadres specialized in the English language (linguistics and translation), by working to provide the student with knowledge, skills and experiences related to the English language, where students study various courses that cover language and language skills. Translation and Linguistics with a background in English language literature and related skills from branches and cultures enhances the background of language study and translation. The department includes qualified faculty members who strive for excellence and continuous development in various academic and linguistic aspects.

the message:

Providing an educational service that contributes to building the integrated personality of graduates, through a competitive academic system, and within a framework of professional responsibility and community partnership.

The graduate shall have a comprehensive, integrated and organized knowledge of the English language, especially in the fields of linguistics and translation, and keep pace with recent developments in these two fields.
The student should be familiar with the knowledge and theories in other scientific fields related to his field, and with other related professional fields.
Develop students’ language and communication skills by employing theoretical and technical supported methods for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Refine students’ critical and creative thinking skills and develop their research capabilities in the field of specialization.
Conducting theoretical, empirical, applied and comparative research in the fields of English language (linguistics and translation).
Interacting and building partnerships with the public and private sectors through conducting studies and providing consultations in teaching English, linguistics and translation, and cultural studies in the field of specialization.
Enriching the community through the participation of faculty members in various activities such as teaching, writing, translation, lecturing and participating in the media.
Encourage a critical understanding of the thought and cultures of the English-speaking world, and open channels of cultural dialogue with English-speaking nations and peoples.