In achieving their goals, universities depend on three main axes: scientific research, education, and community service. Therefore, Gulf colleges were keen to establish partnerships inside and outside the Kingdom to achieve their goals.

King Salman Institute for Studies and Consulting Services:

The colleges’ agreement with the King Salman Institute for Studies and Consulting Services of Majmaah University under the academic, technical and administrative supervision, and the secondment of faculty members and technical programs for the first and second years for colleges 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

– University collected:

Faculties agreement under the academic and administrative supervision of the Center for University Studies – Hafr Al-Batin

The Islamic University of Madinah:

The fruitful cooperation between universities and colleges in the Gulf included an academic partnership agreement with the Islamic University of Madinah to open the field of postgraduate studies.

Jeddah University:

University of Jeddah Institute of Research and Consultation in the Field of Study Plans.

– Cairo University – Faculty of Arts:

Alexandria University – Faculty of Law: