The Gulf colleges for administrative and humanitarian sciences in Hafr Al Batin since its first appearance in the sky of the community of higher education have been keen to be qualitatively distinctive and a benchmark in all the programs, activities and events, starting with the academic aspect, which is the most important that the student is the center of the educational process and the foundation of it; And its quality in education is based on the standards adopted for the governing bodies and organizations, where competent and qualified faculty members who have the appropriate disciplines for the faculties of information, skills and academic experience needed and fully aware of the university education and methods and methods And the strategies of teaching it, and those interested in the high scientific research of what will positively reflect on students and colleges in general, and the colleges focused on the specific uniqueness of buildings and equipment high both traditional and smart requirements, because it has a direct impact on students: where students have all the necessary The educational process of laboratories, labs and equipment integrated and modern enriching and facilitates the academic process of e-learning and other supporting methods, and also the faculties have been interested in providing entertainment for their students by providing mini recreational games to remove the trouble and monotony of the long educational daily, and also contracted With al-Anbar integrated sports club to carry out all sports activities in an expanded manner.

Since its inception, the faculties have focused on serving the community as one of the most important goals of colleges and universities and what the community of Hafr al-Batin needs to do, and the social responsibility of colleges is the inherent right of the community to which the faculties belong.

Gulf colleges are awarded a bachelor’s degree in four disciplines: specialization of business Administration and specialization of the law and specialization of English language and it specialization: These disciplines include ten scientific courses, carefully selected according to the desires of the community and the needs of the labour market in the province of Hafr al Batin specifically and the kingdom The gulf in general, given the province’s strategic geographic location in the Gulf.

All of this to become an educational director able to compete and lead and to fulfill his ambitions, and to achieve the higher goals of the faculties inspired by her vision and high mission achieved for the objectives of the Ministry of Education, and to make the faculties part of the vision of the Kingdom 2030, God willing, and achieve the role of colleges in Comprehensive sustainable development in the Kingdom.

Dean of Colleges

D. Mohammed bin Dhafer Aldossari