The Gulf Colleges for Humanities and Administrative Sciences was established in September of the Gregorian year 2016 in the city of Hafr Al-Batin in the northeast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in four programs in the areas of law, computer and information sciences, business administration and English.

The colleges are licensed by the Ministry of Education and their programs are classified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.


Building a quality educational edifice that contributes to achieving sustainable development for all.


Preparing professional national competencies that meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market, in an advanced educational environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Providing distinguished educational and research services that keep pace with scientific, technical, administrative and legal developments, and meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market.
Qualifying and developing human cadres in the educational, technical, administrative and legal fields, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, in accordance with the technical and knowledge development.
Providing high quality academic services.
Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of competing in the scientific and practical fields.
Preparing a researcher with a distinguished applied thought capable of producing modern technology.
Conducting studies and scientific research, and the participation of faculty members in various fields to achieve community service and sustainable development.

Professionalism by providing high quality service with precision and tact.
Working as a team through a commitment to work as an integrated group to achieve a common vision.
Integrity and credibility.
Responsibility for all decisions before the officials and beneficiaries.
Continuous learning and building skills and knowledge.
Justice and fairness by giving everyone his right and not being unfair or infringing on the rights of others.
Discipline, adherence to, adherence to, and preservation of regulations and rules.